Importing POI using Windows 10 mobile
  • Hello,

    I have a Windows 10 mobile Lumia 950.

    I installed free mapfactor and it works perfectly fine if I 
    install it completely on the Lumia internal file system.

    Now I want to include LPG fuel stations which are available 
    on This website generates 
    Tomtom OV2 or Excel csv compatible files.

    So I downloaded Digger 12 and converted the OV2 file to MCA.
    Now I have a LPG_Tankstellen.mca which needs to be located somewhere.
    I found that it must go into the directory where all the maps are located.

    Since I cannot access the Windows 10 mobile file system to place my MCA file 
    with my POI, I moved the navigation app to the SD card on my Windows Mobile Phone
    because I can take out the SD card, insert and access the folders with my Windows10 Laptop.

    Problem #1 With the Navigation App on the SD-card, I cannot access the download manager 
    to download and update the Maps. When I hit the map manager button, the app simply crashes 
    (exits to the normal windows mobile main screen). 

    Problem #2 I placed the LPG_Tankstellen.mca file in the directory of the SD card where all 
    the MAPS are located, inserted the SD card into the windows phone again and tried to find my
    own POIs. They did not appear anywhere.

    I tried several things reinstalling everything several times
    Tried to convert .csv or .ov2 to .mca. Digger converted both but none did work
    Tried to install the navigation app directly to SD-Card and place the mca files
    Tried to install first on the internal memory then move the app to SD card
    Tried to locate the mca file not in the directory with the maps but in the main directory (where the atlas.. . idc file is located,)

    So the app runs fine in the internal Windows mobile folders but then, no POI import is possible.
    It seems to have problems when beeing installed on the SD card.

    I cannot import the POI but that's maybe only because I'm a bit to stupid....

    Maybe someone is using the app on Windows mobile 10 Phone with own POIs and can give some advice ?

    Any help is highly appreciated.

    Thanks a lot in advance


    PS: BTW, a nice solution for this problem in my opinion might be an option within the mapfactor app which allows to 
    select POI/MCA files. Why is it necessary to place such a file manually into a folder?
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  • Hello,

    I'm not an expert in Windows 10 Mobile. If I had this problem I would simply search the WWW by using the phrase: "access the Windows 10 mobile file system to place a file" and You'll get a lot of pages which address this problem.


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