HD Traffic on Chinese head units
  • I'm using a Joying Chinese head unit in my car since a few months. I did not order HD-Traffic yet as I was testing another app with free HD-Traffic, coupled with the fact that I don't like AT ALL that navigator changes my route without informing me. (I don't care about 13 minutes delay at 1½ hours drive away from me. By the time I'm there it is most probably solved, so I want to decide myself).

    Anyway, these Joying units get regular firmware upgrades. However, on every upgrade both the device-id and the MAC-address is changed. Don't ask me why, as it really stupefies me as well.

    I know from other users, trying to use Navigator with HD-Traffic on the same brand, but also other brands, that this happens to them as well. Thereby making HD-Traffic not workable. It is somehow bound to those Chinese ROM/firmware builder companies.

    I don't want to discuss whether the (in this case stupid) Chinese units should not change device id and MAC-address, but how can Navigator with HD-Traffic work on this?

    Why is the license coupled to device-id anyway? Why is it not coupled to your Play Store account like the "Premium options" and like many other purchases I did outside Navigator on the Play Store.
    To me this is a No-Go for Navigator (in combination with the rerouting behavior), in favor of that other app. Even though I prefer the functionality and excellent performance of Navigator over the other slower app.

    Is Mapfactor going to change this licensing model?
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  • licensing model is determined by our agreement with TomTom, premium features are not part of that
    I assume your device has SIM, so you should not have problem when device ID changes
  • OK, I understand. Then I will blame TomTom :)

    My device doesn't have a SIM in case you mean a SIM-card. In the most simple representation you can consider it a tablet attached to "radio hardware", with "interface apks" to the underlying hardware being an amplifier, an AM/FM chip, (possibly) DAB+ hardware, etc.

    Note also that I refer to other users having exact this problem, and that that's the reason I did not yet purchase a license. I'm not talking about what could happen. I'm referring to issues users have because of this. I try to prevent to get there.
  • in that case device ID may change, but why would you buy HD traffic for a unconnected unit?
  • It may be connected to the internet via Bluetooth, Wifi or USB?
  • Oldie is correct. 
    The unit is connected over a bluetooth or WiFi hotspot on my phone.
    After switching on the contact in my car, the unit is on in 1-3 seconds and 10-15 seconds later it is connected via the hotspot on my phone.
    It is indeed also possible to connect a 3G/4G dongle.

    That is how 95% of the users work.
  • 95% of users do not have in-car unit :-)

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