Let MapFactor create *.gpx with indented XML elements (not only ONE big line)
  • Occasionaly I use MapFactor geologging to write a tracking protocol into a *.gpx file.
    It works but as I found out MapFactor creates a *.gpx file with ONE looooooong line.

    No indention of the XML elements are performed.

    Can I tell MapFactor to do this beautification?

    Or can such an option be introduced in the next release?

    Thank you

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  • Hi pstein.

    In case you did not solve your problem, here a hint.

    Go to www.firstobject.com and look for "Free firstobject XML editor".

    Installed, load the xml file, go to "tools" and click on "indent": indentation done!
    The indentation can be varied in settings.

    Mark the names of the directories created during installation
    The executable has the name foxe.exe.

    Good luck.

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