can somebody please put me straight on this?? :-)
  • Hello - new to the forums.

    I am trying navigator 16 free on windows 10 tablet  (  - this is proper windows 10 , NOT windows 10 mobile )

    I am using an external bluetooth gps receiver, which navigator picks up

    I am always using offline navigation - I have no wifi available.

    It looks promising, and I am also playing music from the same tablet.

    When navigator makes a direction announcement, the music doesn't duck or pause, to allow me to hear the voice.

    I thought that was pretty standard stuff with this sort of set up??

    Could you kindly tell me what I am doing wrong?

    I am using windows 10 default music app 'groove music' - it doesn;t seem to have any settings regarding losing 'focus', when an announcement occurs.

    Do I need to look at another music player windows app?

    Grateful for any advice


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  • PC Navigator does not have this function. I am afraid that from your side there is nothing to do to make it working.

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