Details about HD traffic information
  • Please can someone tell me about this new feature. I use the app on my phone using OSM and on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A with TomTom truck maps.
    I assume that a simcard is necessary to access the traffic data? The tablet does not have the provision for a sim so could I tether it to my phone? What level of data usage might we be looking at?
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  • Hi,

    I don't know anything about tablets or the Truck Map.
    All I can do is give you some impression of data usage:
    I just returned home from work during the rush hour with my Galaxy S4, Navigator Free, HD Traffic - lots of traffic related messages.

    My drive home took 35 minutes, and a look at data consumption showed that the value for Navigator had grown by 604 kB during my drive home; so it seems to me that „a bit more than a Megabyte per hour” seems realistic.
  • I guess it differs where you drive and whether you drive during rush hours.
    I drove 165 km for nearly 2 hours during midday and it took only 165 KB: small part city, long part highway, small part big city

    On the way back several days later, partly in the evening rush hour, it took 496 KB or 696 KB. I can't remember which one.
    So during rush hour I suppose there were more traffic jam messages, hence a higher data usage. And I had 3 traffic jams indeed: 2 small, 1 longer.
  • Actually I have to revise my original claim - I really don't know the amount of data used by HD Traffic; I checked consumption twice more - same route, same time of day, nearly same duration of trip (five minutes between quickest and slowest), on each occasion the list of traffic messages inside HD Traffic was many screens long... and the two trips „weighed in” at 0.29 MB and 0.59 MB respectively.

    However, there is one thing I CAN say with confidence: the „Scout” navigation app, which I tried out about two years ago, is MUCH more data hungry: on their forum, a few users listed results for trips they made, and a trip comparable to mine, values were mostly in the 3 MB to 5 MB area.

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