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  • Asus ZenPad 10 (Z300M Tablet), Android 6.0, Mapfactor Navigator Version 3.0.115, Data stored on Micro SD card.

    Newly installed Navigator, I have successfully downloaded 4GB maps (Free) but I see only blue background in Navigator. As suggested in the FAQ I've tried restarting the app and rebooting the tablet, to no avail. What should I try next? I'm reluctant to add a further 4GB to my download allowance!
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  • Are you able to search for a place by using the search function and show the place on the map?
  • Yes, I put in my postcode and it shows as a little icon (four concentric circles) on the blue background. Turning on location I get the usual open four-pointed star (I've used Navigator for a couple of years on my phone, so know what to expect!) but again only on the blue background. The distance between these two places increases and decreases as I zoom in and out. So everything seems to work apart from actually showing the map!
  • please check tjat maps have been downloaded in Map manager/download maps
  • Yes, they're all listed, greyed out with their boxes ticked and with current data versions and "no update available".
  • go to settings/advanced and cick Send logs
    mark it for my attention please
  • Done. Thank you!
  • And thanks to Tomas's reply it's now fixed, and 5* put on Google Play.

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