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  • Having happily used the free maps when we had a smaller van I now need to enterr the dimensions of our latest motorhome (7.5m x 2.25m x 3m high).  So, it seems, Ineed to purchase the TomTom truck map to help keep me out of trouble!

    Having paid for the map would I still need to keep the OSM maps or can they go?  Also, do any premium features come with the maps (i.e. can I get rid of adverts!)

    Thanks in advance

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  • you can delete OSM maps if you do not want to use them

    premium features are not part of TomTom maps purchase
  • Thanks for the reply, Tomas.
    Just looking around and not sure that the 'paid for' maps would be of help.  I am using the android version and when I try to edit the vehicle parameters it tells me to upgrade to the Truck version.
    Does this mean the maps or the app?

    What do other motorhome owners use?
  • truck attributes are frequently missing in free maps, routing would not be reliable.
    For that reason truck version is with TomTom maps only - Map manager/buy maps.

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