HD Traffic for Navigator Free on Android - licence problem
  • Since I bought a one year licence for HD Traffic, there have been three occasions when I was told „no valid licence” and had to uninstall / reinstall  Navigator Free.

    Is this part of a general problem with HD Traffic, or have I simply been unlucky?
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  • this has not been reported yet
  • I had that as well. Not on my phone, but on the android head unit in my car.
    The license was for my phone and I figured it was somehow connected to the hardware id.
    I wanted to post about this as well as it started last Wednesday or so, but didn't find it important enough to do that.
    I did two sequential android firmware flashes to the car head unit and both times had to restore apps and settings. Both times Navigator complained and hung. After killing and restart I simply got a white screen. Uninstal and reinstall fixed it both times, but I don't have traffic on my car head unit.

    So again: I guess the hardware id is breaking it up, but the license check is not correct or fail proof enough.

  • yes, HD trafficis linked to device ID
    I think this is not problem Jochen describes
  • I think it is as at least very familiar, as I get the exact same error.
    I think "something" in the license checking is not correct, whatever the reason.
    I got this on a unit without the license: why? It should not even mention it at all.
    And why did I have to reinstall, same as Jochen_K?
  • please email logs, I will check
  • I too am having a licence problem with HD Traffic. I recently changed my device & re-installed Navigator. Alternative routes, head-up display etc. all work fine but HD traffic reports a licence problem. Is it possible to transfer the licence to a new device?
  • HD traffic licence is linked to device ID, you need to email to get licence transferred
  • Hi,

    I just received this response from technical support (Tomáš Kaczér), having sent several log files:

    „that happens when file atlas.idc cannot be read - it makes no difference which
    maps you have, free maps have also licence
    it could be corrupted file, or faulty SD”
  • you could not start Navigator as file atlas.idc was corrupted
    that is totally unrelated.and has nothing to do with HD traffic

  • So, my license problem is still unresolved?!

    Currently everything works.

    What should I do if „you do not have a valid HD Traffic license - do you want to buy one?” ever shoes its ugly face again (before the year is up)?

    Send another log file right afterwards?
  • not sure what do you mean unresolved - everything works, so what do you want to keep resolving
    file was corrupted or SD faulty, it was not related to HD traffic server others mentioned

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