Strange Routing via parking space
  • Is there an explanation for this MFN-routing from 14.32293 E, 48.32886 N to 14.32261 E, 48.33117 N with a car-profile?
    Instead of taking only the "Julius-Raab-Straße" it uses two parking spaces. This in my opinion shouldn't be allowd, even if those parking-aisles have no speed limit compared to the Julis-Raab-Straße, which is limited at 30 km/h.
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  • You are right, Tomas, default settings of vehicle type "car" in this case works.
    1) But with that setting you don't get practical routing at all (at least in Austria), I think, this has already been discussed here several times. So I activated in the Road Restrictions "Small Local Road" (20/50) to get a serious routing, otherwise MFN isn't of use for me.
    2) On the other hand I don't think that a parking space should be included in a routing at all.
  • Or as a waypoint. Like when you plan long trips: recommended drive break every 2 hours, on services parking along motorways  ;)
  • with default car settingsroute does not go through car park

    click Car+ tto set default car, activate it and try again
  • Try to set Small Local Road to a much smaller priority.

    Whether parking lots are considered as a "drive through" depends on the way they were mapped in OSM, I guess.
  • Tap on the road restrictions. You can set a priority.
  • The roads used on the parking lots are tagged as "service=parking_aisle". Such road should be excluded from routing except start or destination are on such roads.

    I think JambaFee is right. If I can use only default settings, it is of no use to have settings at all.
  • Yes of course!
  • @chattiewoman: thank you, priority is set to 30. In my MFN-diary I found that I tested these settings 2014 and speed 20/50 and priority 30 turned out best for me.
    @Oldie: I'm glad not beeing the only one thinking so.

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