Error message when downloading the map files
  • Downloading the map files has not worked on my Windows 7 PC for a few days. An error message is displayed after which downloading is denied because the checksum is suddenly allegedly no longer correct. This has always worked so far, nothing has changed on the system. Has anyone an idea, what can be the reason.
    I have the 14.1.2 FREE
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  • could be bad connection or faulty SD/disk
    try todownload from another hotspot

  • Thanks tomas, but I think the cause is different. Reason: The data are on the hard disk of the PC, which has a perfect Internet connection.
  • "Another type of checksum error may occur with any program at any time.
    It is usual for many programs to now provide checksum information when
    that program is downloaded. Using a checksum program or MD5 hash
    checker, a user can quickly compare the checksum of a downloaded program
    with the checksum that the software developer provides. This is a
    common way to make sure that users are downloading the proper program
    and that no data was corrupted during the download process. Checksum
    errors originating from download errors c the problematic program."


    That is the same for maps of Navigator I assume. So

    "can easily be corrected by re-downloading"

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