find location by coordinates out of contacts
  • for all my contacts I use outlook. with smart switch I transfer my contacts to my Samsung S5 to contacts.

    So that it works with navigator in offline mode, I added to each contact the coordinates. Also for locations with no streetname and housenumber.
    For example (it´s a parking in Bielefeld (Germany)):
    52.021765 8.529400
    52.021765, 8.529400

    I´m shure, that I click on it last year and it works fine and navigator shows the right place on the map.
    But now it doesn't work anymore.
    What has changed and what do I have to change?
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  • Contacts work when online
    I recommend to save them to fvourites
  • @tomas, but this is not very user friendly to add all contacts to the navigator favorites
  • now it works.
    if one use coordinates, it´s not possible to use also the country label in parallel.

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