SD Card - can somebody explain?
  • I have Navigator (latest Playstore version) on my Samsung Galaxy Tab4, Android 5.1.1.

    Navigator used to be installed on the internal memory. Maps on external SDCard. Was no problem so far.

    Due to memory problems on the internal card I moved a couple of apps to the SD card, one of them Navigator. When I started Navigator after that, I got a message of a write protected directory ("possibly due to an update to 4.4. or higher" or the like). No map update possible. When I tried to set the memory path in extended settings, both options were empty (probably was set to external earlier, as it is back now again). When I tapped external card, I got a message, if I want to overwrite existing installation. Since I have 2 to 3 GB of maps, I didn't.

    So I moved Navigator back to internal memory and now everything is back fine again. Map update is possible, memory path is preset to external memory (by a green coloured dot).

    Why does Navigator accept external memory only when it is installed in internal memory?
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  • close Navigator and Clear data in Android settings >
    application manager > Navigator - then reboot your phone.

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    font-size: 13px;" lang="x-western">Please take backup
    first, otherwise you could loose your favourites...

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  • "close Navigator and Clear data in Android settings >
    application manager > Navigator - then reboot your phone."

    That means that map data on external sd-card will not be deleted that way?

    PS @tomas Could you please edit your post and delete source-code for text formatting? It makes it difficult to find, what the actual post is and what not.
  • close navigator, go to Android settings, select Application manager and then Navigator, click Clear data and then reboot your phone. Please backup first, you could loose your favourites...

    all data will be deleted, make backup first
  • No thanks, as I said, I don't want to move, copy, install or whatever else a couple of GB map data.

    I would prefere, that Navigator is able to be moved from internal to external memory without touching map data.
  • you can move data to SD in settings
  • As I wrote in my first post, I did that already. But unfortunately this worked only when Navigator remained in internal memory.

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