OSM Map Update
  • There's been no OSM map updates since mid April. Is there a problem?
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  • it will be mid May, as usual
  • This is a very new information.
    Normally i had updates almost every day.
  • we release maps monthly and not all at the same time, so it may seem often if you have a lot of maps
  • Yes i understand but i agree with jd417, there was no update since a couple of weeks.
    Maybe something has changed in the new version 3.xx?
  • cut off is end of each calendar months - then it takes week or two to start releasing
    so there is always gap at the month end and beginning
  • Ok thanks for information, will wait for it.
  • Tomas. As you say the maps are updated at different times. I commented because many of the European countries I have did not update at all in April. United Kingdom for example hasn't been updated since late March. This is not a criticism. When you get used to something being there it's a little odd when it isn't.
  • yes, since my last post I have checked this with developers and there seems to be problem with downloading the latest files
    we are investigating and hope to fix it soon

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