No possibility to set destination when small town has no street names nor numbers
  • Hello All!

    I have trouble setting a destination. This is small village without street names, just the numbers.
    OpenStreetMap correctly shows these numbers, but when I'm trying set this village as a destination:
    Find and navigate ->Poland->Jabłonki gm. Baligród
    then I see empty window. No streets, no numbers, and there's no option "navigate to the center of city" or something similar, so I cannot set destination point. Am I missing something, or there is no option "center of city" when map doesn't know streets and numbers?

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  • go by map (zoom) and set there the destination point on the road you want to be.
  • Click on the map on your destination point and then set it as destination.

    Otherwise maybe get a newer version and/or maps, because in my navigator Android 3.0.103 I find only Jablonki powiat leski and powiat laski. Both allow a search for town house numbers.

    There is no Jablonki gm Baligrod.

    That may be different in other versions or platforms
  • Ok, thanks! This is the same place :)

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