• One of the MFN-functions I always use is recording NMEA-data. I am very sure that last season recording didn't end before pressing "Stop recording" manually or closing the application. Now (Version 3.0.103) recording ends about 100 meters before the planned destination is reached or by pressing "Stop navigation".
    To explain my desire:
    1) When my destination is reached and I for whatever reason continue driving I also want the NMEA-recording to continue.
    2) When following a route and changing my plans I press "Stop navigation" and continue driving without navigation instructions. Also in this case I want the NMEA-recording to continue.
    So I think it's no good idea to stop recording automatically, I'd like to decide myself when recording has to end.

    Is this behaviour intended or am I doing something wrong?

    regards, James

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  • did you set Turn on/off manually?
  • MFN 3.0.108: Still the same error
  • yes, today I tested and can confirm your findings
    I passed it to developers
  • MFN 3.0.112: Still the same error
  • MFN 3.0.115: Still the same error
  • yes, it has not been fixed yet

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