No change to route shortest, fastest or cheaper
  • When changing these options, now I dont see any change in the route. Before I was sure it was working. Can anyone help?
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  • please provide departure and destination in coordinates, we will check.
  • Murla, Alicante to Almansa, Albacete
  • fastest - 137km
    shortest - 120km
    all with default car settings
  • Thank you Tomas. I will try myself. If I pay the 6euros will I see the fastest, shortest and cheapest in different colours on the map?
  • Hi Tomas. I have tried it and get the same result as you. Can you explain why the Shortest route is not the shortest. There are many many roads between Murla and Almansa that would make a route much shorter.
  • because including every minor road and path would took too long to calculate, especially on long distances
    keep in mind that mobile devices have limited power

    you will not see cheapest, fastest and shortest, you will see three variants of fastest, or whichever you pre-set
  • Thanks Tomas. The App is great. I use it all the time on my motorcycle.

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