Navigator only works for 90 minutes before hanging
  • As above. Its running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab-s, Android 6.1, with nothing running in the background Its consistent as well in that it doesn't matter what roads are being driven on, after 90 mins it will stop. It hangs and the only way I can move to the main Android screen is by restarting the tablet. This is difficult and unadvisable while on a motorway. 

    Other navigation apps don't have this problem. I've submitted the logs (AGKKent) and was wondering if anyone else has the same problem?
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  • Interesing; unfortunately I don't have such long routes ahead to confirm. Though I am no sure: did you mean Navigator just needs to run? With or without GPS on, with or without navigation mode?
  • This is in navigation mode with GPS. It hangs at 90 minutes into any journey which makes it useless for any medium to long journey. 
  • With the latest Playstore app (set to software rendering) I had not such problems last weekends for navigation lasting more than 90 minutes. My phone is a Xperia Z1 compact.
  • Mine is set to auto so I'll try forcing it to SW and see what happens. Many thanks.
  • It is problem in text rendering in HW renderer. It will be fixed in version 3.0.107
  • Many thanks as I really like Navigator and I was beginning to lose faith as will be driving on hol for a lot more than 90 mins!

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