How do I get traffic to work on WIN CE head unit?
  • Hello all,

    I recently installed Mapfactor Navigator (free) on my head unit which is a WIN CE device.
    I have the software working nicely and have been using it for over a week. The open maps are nicely detailed and the navigation instructions are very good.

    One problem however.... I can't get the traffic information to work on it.
    I go to the TMC options and select "Open TMC".... I presume the software then "listens" to the radio's "traffic announcement" channels?
    Or does it?

    Well, mine isn't doing this and when I go to find the traffic information within the software options it sticks on the "waiting for traffic update information"..... and basically just sits on that screen for ever.

    any help would be much appreciated.

    do I need additional equipment?
    or would a radio with RDS and the option to turn on the 'traffic announcements' on it be sufficient?
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  • you need TMC receiver, such as GNSS
    it will  not work from radio
    not sure if it is worth investing in it, as this this technology is obsolete
  • Like Tomas said, you need a WINCE device with built in TMC receiver and find out on which port and baudrate it is working.
    Then you have to configure it in Navigator's settings.

    On my Medion P4445 it is for example "TMC Port COM1 38400 Baud" and works perfectly.

  • How effective depends into which situations you get. Data is coming in and can be looked at and also is shown on the map.
    But so far I experienced only once that Navigator really had to reroute, but it did a good job and saved me long hours standing in the traffic jam.

  • Thanks for the replies.
    So I need a TMC receiver. I thought the data was sent by RMS within the radio channel broadcast? misunderstanding.

    Uli - how effective do you find the TMC traffic data?
    Does Navigator do a good job in avoiding traffic queues and have effective re-routing?

  • Just been looking at TMC receivers and many of them seem to be TomTom SatNav power charging cables... I have two TomTom units with such power cable/chargers.... is there a way to utilise such a cable for my WinCE head unit to enable Mapfactor to receive traffic info?

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