Waypoint Labels
  • I noticed when displaying (calculate) a route the waypoint labels are not visible at all times. It seems that the label can only be displayed if there is space on the screen. 

    If the label is long  the only way to display it is to move the waypoint to the left.

    I think it should display the label at all times irrespective of the position of the WP or the length of the label. Should display as many characters as space permits and more to appear by moving the WP to the left.

    In my case some of my waypoint labels are a bit long for a reason.

    Posted under "bugs" although I do not think is a bug and  is not by design either - possibly just missed or never mentioned previously  -- but more than likely @Tomas will correct me and put me right as he usually does :-) 
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  • I'd like that too.

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