Routing Problems
  • Hi, I have some problems. Mio168 and 2 other Windows 2003 Se devices. All have the same problem. The devices have been reset several times and a clean new installation has been initiated. Version 16.0.1 does not use any changes to the vehicle profiles. Always based on basic profile car. The same route is always calculated. Start / Finish does not matter. The vehicle profiles saved from the previous version is displayed correctly but is not used when the routes are calculated. Only the preferred route profile (fastest, shortest, cheapest) is considered. PC Navigator Free Version 16.0.4 and Navigator Free Version 15.0.2 works perfectly with created vehicle profiles and accept changes. With the PDA version 15.0.2 the display and the instructions comes a bit too late. It is already at the crossroads and it is 20 meters remaining way indicated and the instruction comes too late. Is there a way to adjust this? Best reception ... 8 - 9 satellites and latest maps. Only for this reason, I have tested the (bugy) version 16 on the PDA. Further questions, are there still program updates for PC and Windows 2003 or CE? Or only for Android / iOS?
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  • No solution?

    Version 15.0.2 Display/language instruction delayed or lagging behind?

    Version 16.0.1 Vehicle Profile Problem?

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