nice to have...
  • I updated to Navigator 11 free and I am impressed about it.
    + better menu
    + quick start and showing map

    If there would be a wishlist I would like to have:
    - an additional point under "routing" like "last searches"
    - a possibility to recognize, where Streets crossing others on bridges or pass through tunnels
    - POI's should show their names

    Sometimes there ist a strange kind of routing for shortest or fastest ways in or around cities. Maybe it depends on wrong restrictions etc. in OSM-data, but some compared with cloudmade-routing are not ok and show unnecessary wrong routes checked in my hometown.
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  • what also would be cool is that you add the option to import some tracks, not only to simulate them...

    maybe later you can drive with a route you've imported

  • To complete my wishes:

    Look at this
    You see the "Elzpfad" and another gray way left of it. Elzpfad is a path usable for walking and cycling. The left way is a track with agricultural use and broad enough for cars etc.

    Is it possible to build an optical distinction? A single brown line for pathes, footways or cycleways etc., wich are physically impossible for cars could be good.

  • Hello,

    register on OSM and search Elzpfad. You can define the different route to walk or to drive.
    After next card updates it's correct and all users can use your changed routes.
  • Hello peter,

    as you see here:

    the Elzpfad is tagged as a path for foot- and bicycle-use. My wish is to find an optical solution to distinguish these small pathes like this from tracks in Navigator free. It's more because of optical orientation using navigator free than because of routing.

  • Hello

    here is another "nice to have":
    when inserting waypoints, the are sometimes labeld "waypoint" plus a sequence number. It would be nice if they could be manually renamed.


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