Route Building Not Working Right
  • Navigator Free 2.2.78, latest in Google Play Store.

    I am new user evaluating the program.

    I tried to build a route.  I got the starting flags and destination flags right.  When I tapped Navigate on the menu, the route built did not start at my S flag location but at my current position.  The routing points tab showed the starting position as my current position. Tonight I tried to build another route, starting elsewhere, and again the program built a route starting at my current position.  This time the routing points tab showed the correct starting position but when I tapped show on map the route started at my current position.  Earlier today, I tried to build route home, and I got a route starting eight miles south of where I was.  Once I was able to get a good route.

    At this point, the program seems useless.

    Is this a known problem?  Am I missing some trick?

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  • Navigate does what it says, it leads you from where you are to where you want.
    To calculate any other route from any starting point, go to Route Info and press "Show on map" or go to Tools "Calculate Route"
  • Is there any documentation anywhere that explains this?
  • Well yes, but it is not really up-to-date:

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