Traffic Handling
  • This is really for the future. It would be worth looking at how Garmin handle traffic etc. 

    If there is traffic on the route, a window pops up showing the distance of all the traffic incidents, severity (red or yellow) and total delay. If the delay is greater than about 5 minutes, it gives the option of whether you wish to reroute and shows the planned changed route. One can then decide whether to continue or not.

    By tapping the window showing the delays, you can see where they are. If you have local knowledge, you can decide whether they are an issue.

    I had a TomTom with HD traffic, but the Garmin system is far better and gives more control.
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  • I don't know the Garmin app..
    The Garmin methodology is also used, sometimes with small modifications, by other navigation apps, which I've used in rental cars, and is a real nice option. 
    The only thing with the other navigation apps is that you sometimes do not have much time to decide. Sometimes you are in busy traffic where you need to keep your eyes on the road, so I want to have an audible signal as well like "Navigator found a route that is 12 minutes faster", with the popup of Yes and No to accept. If it is 6 minutes I don't care, if it is 32 minutes (like I had some time ago), I'm willing to accept almost blindly.

    The question is therefore also: What should be the default in the rerouting? Keep the original route by default or select the alternative route, if you don't react fast enough?
    Or make that user selectable with a slider. My personal preference would be something like: more than 10 minutes faster => default to alternative route.
    Some apps default to always take the alternative route, some default to taking the original route (if the driver or co-driver doesn't react fast enough).

    Anyway: I really don't like that Navigator does this for me in the background without even notifying that it did. I already had once that it told me to leave the motorway, because it had rerouted, and I thought "No way I'm going to leave the motorway. This must be an error", because I knew the road and simply had MNF on for testing, giving me the ETA, etc, and then it turned out Navigator did it correctly because of a traffic jam caused by an accident. (It also happened in the past that you were sometimes directed of the motorway over the exit and immediately rerouted back on the motorway via the ramp, simply because road speeds were not correctly tagged).
    But most important: inform the driver in case of HD-traffic rerouting instead of simply rerouting without notifying!!!! That was really annoying even though MNF was correct in the end.
  • The Garmin does give you an audible alert such as 'there is light traffic on your route' or 'alternative route 5 minutes quicker' and then gives you the option of taking it.

  • Like also mentioned in the "": It would be nice to have a yellow/red warning in the top right mentioning something like below.

    And if you tap it, you get more info
    Note: this is copied from another app.

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