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  • I have been using Mapfactor with TomTom maps etc. for a few days and have some questions which I hope can be answered. I am running the latest Beta.

    1 My Garmin allows me to block off roads and areas so that I won't be routed through them. Can I do this with Navigator?

    2 I may have been lucky, but does the system warn you about traffic and then offer alternatives?

    3 Is it possible to stop my imported POIs showing on the map when driving?

    4 Do the speed preferences override the default mapping algorithm for each map (OSM and TomTom)? The reason I ask this is that I have given minor roads a very low speed (5 mph) and low (5%) preference and the system is still routing me down single track lanes. These are the ones that I have blocked on the Garmin hence question 1.

    Many thanks for all your help,


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  • ad1: Go to the map and tap on the road to be blocked, that this road is marked by blue colour. For a few seconds, you get an additional menu on the screen on its lower end. Find the pencil there and tap it. In the following menu you can block/unblock this road.

    ad2-4, sorry I am not sure about that.
  • Brill and many thanks!
  • To continue: 

    2. The system does not warn you but does every 5 minutes a check and based on the HD Traffic info recalculates a new route if necessary. This is done without warning and without questioning/prompting.

    3. No, you can't. Imported POIs behave different compared to the standard POIs. Imported POIs behave as "special" maps. As long as the "POI map" is in the maps folder it will be displayed on the screen.

    4. Your modified profile settings should override those defaults, but those defaults are also there in case those roads don't have a max speed "attached" to them.
  • Many thanks for the speedy response. This app is absolutely excellent!

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