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  • Is it possible to view all search results on a map in one go.  Currently I click on each of the results one at a time but without seeing them all on a map I have no idea the relationship or distance between them.
    Another niggle is when you click back from viewing a result on the map it takes you back to the menu where you have to go search again.  Very annoying especially when you have to type in your search query all over again and there isn't a recently typed list which appears!!
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  • Now that would be a nice change to the UI...
  • In the search, there is a second tab called Google which can be used only online. However when used, there will be a search history.
    No matter whether searched offline or online, all routes can be saved in Your Places and called in a row. Better than nothing.
  • Strange you used to be able to select which search results you wanted to see displayed (there was a small box at the right beside each result). I just checked and with POI it's still there. Pick each result you wish to see on the map and then show selected on map.
  • that is in find nearest POI
  • How can you do it with anything else? If an address had more than one result then all but one would be wrong the only place I have seen that was in Cambodia (Phnom Phen). The street where I lived had the same number house 4 times.
  • Free maps are created by volunteers at - anybody can join and help to make maps better using their local knowledge. May be you can correct it?
  • Hi Thomas. That was reality, on the ground the houses had the same number. A bit confusing for the postman.

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