Routing options are ignored after update to version 2.2 / TomTom
  • Since I updated my mapfactor android version to the newest one (2.2 I think) it ignores the routing options (car / routing: shortest / fastest / cheapest). It will always route me to the shortest route I think (ignoring highways and routing me through all the towns with 30er zones and so on). I checked it and highways are allowed (every street type is allowed). Changing the routing options has no effect. Do you have any idea how to get "normal" routing again? Is it possible to install a version prior than 2.2 ?

    Another bug: I often get the voice message to drive straight forward but you can only turn left or right (in Wuppertal / Germany 2 times).

    And at least: a new routing option "easiest" would be nice ...

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  • please provide departure and destination in coordinates, we will check
  • Could it be your current vehicle profile is pedestrian or bicycle instead of car?

    The wrong voice instructions can result from incorrect mapping in Openstreetmaps. However, without your example it's difficult to tell.
  • I've double checked for car navigation and for testing I set it to pedestrian and back to car. Interesting: when changing from car to pedestrian and vice versa the message "recalculating route" came but NOT when changing the car routing options!

    I started at Solingen, Düsseldorfer Str. (coordinates 51.16126999999999 / 7.000260000000026) and destination was Wuppertal, Germarker Ufer (51.2695686 / 7.199080900000013)

    The easiest route would be (look at google maps) using the highway A46 up to Wuppertal Barmen, but Mapfactor routed me through the city of Solingen to Wuppertal-Vohwinkel and Wuppertal Ronsdorf - so as you would try to draw a line from start to destination ?!

    As I mentioned: I am using TomTom maps und with the previous version from MapFactor (before updating to 2.2) everything worked fine!

    I am using an android car unit and had to use my smartphone with tethering over wlan to connect to google store and update the app - is it possible to use the sd-card to update the app over my laptop at home?


  • @MapFactor just for comparison: the calculated route on 3.0.50 with OSM looks correct
    Probably some issue, that in the TomTom maps the motorway is blocked?
  • with default car settings and TomTom maps I get route on A46 up to last exit before A3 and then Flurstrasse
    same as Google
  • Could someone please check, wether MapFactor will recalculate the route after changing the car navigation options (f.e. from cheapest to fastest route)? I think that something went wrong during the updating process to version 2.2 but I am have no idea how to solve this ?!
  • I eventually found the reason for the strange routing: I bought the mega pack including routing alternatives - but in the options alternative routes where disabled. When enabling it the first route shown is the expected one but if I disable it the resulting route is as drawing a line from start to destination ...

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