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  • Halo,

    at first, sorry about my really bad english.

    I am new in this Forum. Its very impressing how many people are here. No comparison to the CoPilot Forum which App I am often using. I do not want to talk badly about CoPilot. But the development and approaching to customer requirements is getting worse and worse. 
    I've been tracking mapfactor for several years. Great to see how the app continues to evolve.

    One thing  I am missing in Mapfactor. In CoPilot you have the choice between waypoints and intermediate destinations. Next you can enter a text for the intermediate destination. Arriving intermediate destination the text will read via tts.
    I am using this very often while I am driving large Tours with motorcycle. Plan my motorcycle tours with the Motoplaner. There I'm already thinking about where I make my breaks. There I plan the breaks and other interesting Informations. Make many tours that are several hundred kilometers long. It is great if you can store certain information in the gpx file which can then be read via tts.

    To have this feature in Mapfactor would be great. Thanks.

    Cheers Joachim

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  • if I understand correctly, you want to rename waypoint and then hear 'your' name with TTS
    is that so?
  • Yes, rename waypoint and TTS is reading the text/information what I was writing.
  • For Example...


    Difference between waypoint and intermediate destination. Waypoint helps me to plan the Tour how I like to drive. TTS dont telling me the Name/Text. Intermediate destination do this too + TTS telling me the Name/Text. 

    This is an extrem Example. We were driving 09/2016 a large Tour with Motorcycles. Some People told me they didn't knew when they drove thru a Pass. So I created intermediate destinations where a Pass is starting and the highest point. I was the Tourguide so I could tell my friend he has to start the actioncam when we arrive a Startpoint of a Pass to film the nice view. 

    Most of the Time intermediate destinations telling me the breakes, tankstopps and sometimes little informations of the Place. For me I can relaxed starting a Motorcycle Tour because I know I was putting usefull informations into the gpx file and TTS is telling me. 
    Many People who are driving with me Motorcylce Tours are always surprised how organized and smooth my Tours are.

    ...I have to learn english :-/

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