Mapfactor (Free) can't find updates
  • Dear all,

    I have a question.

    Since a week of 3 mapfactor cant find updates annymore. says the maps (for example) france is from 6 januari but the mapfactorfree application cant find them.
    I tried also early access but it does't help

    can anyone help me ?
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  • This seems not right?
    Last updates seen passing by this week: OSM Italy and Vatican City
    Map manager:
    Data Download type: Torrent download
    I'm always on Wifi for downloads (No phone in my tablet)
    Early map access
  • I use the desktop utility for install / downloading updates.

    And installed the pocket pc version for using in my car.

    But since the and of 2016 i dont recieve updates in the pc utility.
  • Hi,

    Updates are monthly.
    For example France is computed at the end of the month(or the beginning of next month). So last France is from  2016/12/26 23:36(north) or 2017/01/06 06:55(south). That means the next map for France is going to be in about 14 days.

  • Yee but the utility cant find the versions what you tell i cant find them
  • there are no January updates to France yet
  • @Nigel and @Tomas
    @riru is right. The webpage riru refers to ( ) does mention that the France South and West maps are indeed from 6 and 4 January. If that is not correct (and it isn't), then why does the webpage mention that? The dates for North and East are correct.
    Please correct whatever script/person updates that specific webpage.
  • yes, that is correct, but these are December maps, release early January as there was delay last month
    it reflects our release date
  • I understand now, but it is confusing.
    It does mention "Last update". Maybe it is better to indeed rename that column header to "Latest Release" or "Latest Version". It doesn't matter whether the actual map is 1 day, 1 month or 1 year old: it is the latest release or latest version.
    To me "last update" also seems like it has the OSM map info of that date.

    Anyway: others might get confused by "my" proposed column name, but it is something to think about.
  • Okay but nobody cant help me That i Can get the last osm Maps?
    And yes, i cant find updates (Maps) after i installed the Maps from november. The utility gives after november no updates when i start the update tab in the utility
  • you should be able to get the above metioned maps
  • Here the France maps offered for update to me as per today (and no update activated for a couple of months):

  • Thank you

    I get only a message That there no updates avaiable in the utility
  • Are you sure, that you have "old" maps. Did you check it?

    See Setup utility, install data, map manager, free maps, go to Europa, open the France tree, move your mouse over the maps and you will get a tool tip, which shows you your map version. A.m. maps were downloaded today so should be the latest maps available (no early maps!).

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