How to install Navigator Free on Medion E4445?
  • Hello,

    I know in this Forum are many tutorials to install this software to an wince 5 device, but I sit here sind 3 days and just dont get it to work.
    I've got an old Medion E4445 and wiped everyting from the device via the clean menu. I installed navigatorFree throught the setup and tried it even manually directly to SD-Card with my SDcardSlot. But everytime I start the Device, after the Red Boot screen comes "please insert a SD-Card" and nothing happen.
    Must I rename the navigator.exe? or other installaton paths? can i get acess to the wince menu?
    Sorry for these questions but I just dont get it. Please give me some tipps who have experiance with this model or any medion device.
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  • I have a P4445, with similar or equal hardware and run Navigator on it since version 11.
    I'll try to remember what I have done.

    I think with your "cleanup all" you kicked yourself in the knee. Don't know how to start from a clean device.

    With an installed GOPAL version you can get at least into the WINCE explorer like this:

    I hope you understand German, didn't find an english description.

    Next step would be, look in the internet for a program "toosten_ShowTaskBarV1.1.exe" and put it into the root of your SD-Card and start it. Now you have a small bar at the bottom of the screen which you can tap and then get into the WIN CE system control.

    If you want to start the toolbar automatically when starting your device in navigation/MENU/INIT.D create the file k40Taskbar.lua:

    -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    -- --- Starting taskbar
    -- ---

    local shell = Shell:new();

    if shell:Execute( "file:///Storage Card/toosten_ShowTaskBarV1.1.exe", "" ) == false then


    For TMC to work in navigator the process GnsFmtSrv may not be started, otherwise you have an access conflict, see file k40GnsFmtSrcv.lua. Uncomment the start or delete this file. TMC and GPS ports can not be shared.

    Then k60navigation.lua determins what navigation program is started. Modify to your situation.

    But beware just installing Mapfacor navigator in the SD card is not enough, there are quite a few .dll's missing. Search this forum for P4445 and follow the instructions.

    GPS Port COM2 57600 Baud
    TMC Port COM1 38400 Baud

    Have fun

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