3 elementary questions about Mapfactor GPS for Android
  • I've just now downloaded the latest version of Mapfactor GPS for Android and have three elementary questions:

    (1) The Mapfactor website discusses the "new 2.1 Android version".  However the "about" screen on my Android device says it's version 2.2.78.  Is the website simply out of date?
    (2) How do I get turn-by-turn audio instructions?  The otherwise comprehensive "Navigator for Android Manual" does not contain the words "audio", "voice" or "sound", and I can find nothing about it in the software setup menu.
    (3) How do I access Navigator Downloader?  It doesn't appear on my Android device's list of applications, nor do I find it in Navigator.

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  • Probably the documentation is (far?) behind the app as it is.

    You should get turn by turn instructions simply using the "Navigate" command from Androids main menu. You have to set a departure point, have a gps fix and then "Navigate". You may "simulate" (find at tools) a route if you set a starting point first (simulating has turn by turn instructions as well).

    You download maps via the map manager (bottom line on the main menu), tap on it, select map download and then select desired maps (this is for Android).
  • Thanks for bringing me up to date.  I found that the problem with voice instructions was that the Sound Output Channel was set to the default "Media" rather than "System".  And I take it Map Manager has now replaced Navigator Downloader.

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