Unit system Localisation: split settings for System and Map
  • Settings: Localisation: Unit system: Metric, Imperial or American

    Can this be split up in 2 columns: System | Map
    eventually with a choice [v] Units split between System/Map

    where you could have
    - the map displaying the Local speed limits (icon)
    - the System panels/directions in another choice

    UK car driving in EU: system in Imperial, map in Metric
    EU car driving in UK: system in Metric, map in Imperial
    CDN car driving in USA: system in Metric, map in American
    USA car driving in CDN: system in American, map in Metric

    I'm struggling making the conversion in my head between Imperial and metrics in busy traffic.
    Cars dash is metric, instruction is yards (yd) miles (mi)100. I'm not used to Yards or Miles
    However I do like to see the speed limit as it is on the road.

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