Importing POIs with Digger
  • I am having trouble getting diggerQt.exe to work for me. I also see a program called DiggerConsole.exe but it just flashes open and closes in about a microsecond. Using digger_12_2. Is that the latest?

    Some problems may relate to the input file formats, I have tried gpx and csv with no success.

    If I select icon, I get to the page Object Definition. In the manual that page shows a box for selecting a file with a png icon, but I do not have that at all. It seems to not know where to look for the icon and shows me a default with ? and test style. However, the Next >  button is grayed out. Is there a place to enter the icon location?

    If I select mark, it goes further but always results in my Data all being banned - whatever that means.

    The log shows the exception.

    ERR 2016/12/19 12:17:29 Exception thrown: .\src\Importer.cpp(214)
    ERR 2016/12/19 12:17:29 Exception std::exception& ex caught: .\src\Importer.cpp(150) message:'mapFactor exception: All data was banned, cannot finish import.'

    An example file of working data would let me change the csv or gpx to match a template and I could work with that if it is a data problem.

    Meanwhile, I can put data into favourites.xml, but the program sorts them alphabetically which is not very useful when there are a lot of POIs. Also, I don't see a way to show them on the map other than one by one. It would be OK if they would all show. Or, if I could sort them by distance from me or some other arbitrary point. 
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  • probably because Navigator is not installed on your PC
    you will need to select your own icon
  • Navigator is installed. I thought that myself.

    Maybe I need to put Navigator in a different location on the PC?
  • Where do I select the icon?
  • double click in box under Style, then on path next to file name, then ...
  • Bingo!

    Thank you. I have been looking all over the forum for that tip!

    Just never thought of clicking in there. It looked like it was showing details not expecting input.

    Worked perfectly now - mca file generated and works on the Android app.

    Thanks, Tomas!

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