Tom Tom Maps obstruction.
  •              Hi there,
       I downloaded recently "MapFactor GPS Navigation" from Microsoft Store.
       It is very good since it allows waypoints, saving route,GPS TomTom Maps,etc.
       On my Win.10 PC I installed only OSM(for trip preparation)-works properly.
       On Lumia 640/win.8.1-my navigation device I downloaded first some OSMaps
    and afterwards TomTom(Order # 229203/25.10.2016) Europe and Mega Pack
    (GPA:1306-4388-1208-33552/16.11.2016),but I can"t acces any Tom Tom Map
    on my phone.
       Then I tried to download some absent OSMaps(H,CZ,SK,Montenegro) but MF
    is closing immediately.The same if I try to see Tom Tom Maps.
       What can I do without having to uninstall the whole app ?
        Do OSM and Tom Tom Maps work independently,having to choose one of them,
    or together ?
                   Thank you in advance.
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  • Hi Dan,
    yu need to email, licensing issues cannot be resolved here.
  •     Hi Tomas,
      An our ago I opened MF and,miraculousely,my problem was resolved:
      I downloaded some maps,OSM and Tom Tom and received the available
    updates.I did nothing,I don t know what happened.
      On this occasion I have seen the diference between OSM and Tom Tom.
      Near my house there is a blind lane,correct maped out on Tom Tom;
      On OSM this is a normal street that continues unfinishet.
             Thank you anyway and congratulations for your fine Navigator!

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