Bluetooth communication interrupted
  • MapFactor version 2.2.63 on Android 6.0.1 (Samsung A3)

    I'm using "media" voice channel and bluetooth for telephone calls. I start the navigation. Everything is working well, navigation indications are sent to the external speaker of the phone. When a phone call (over bluetooth) is established everything works well, the phone communication is redirected to my car speakers.
    Problem: once the navigator tries to send the first voice indication, the phone call sound is interrupted and not restored anymore! The phone call is still running but nothing else can be heard neither on external speaker of the phone nor in the car speakers. I guess the sound is redirected to the ear speaker because I can hear something very weak.

    I tried all combination of voice channels, I tried to disable sound during the phone call but it didn't work. This is for me a killing point. I don't want to disable the voice channel for ever since it is very useful. Do you have a workaround I can try or plans to fix it? An acceptable fix is simply to disable voice indications if a call is established.

    I tried configuration -> localization-> speech processor -> silent. Same effect: call voice is interrupted

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