Routing through not finished tunnel in OSM-Map
  • Recently I planned a route through Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany and found a routable road named Kramer Tunnel which is in realllity far away from completion. You would need a tunnel drilling machine in front of you to be able to drive on this road.
    Who is caring for correction?
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  • Did you OSM data, if the tunnel already exists there? I had it the other day here in Chemnitz, that a street still under construction and quite away from completion was already available in OSM data.
  • For me it seems that the actual question is whether the tagging in OSM is correct and whether these tags are taken into account by the MF Navigator. But looking into OSM you find that the tagging is okay:

    highway=construction shall not be used for routing. The Kramertunnel was created as primary in 2010 but changed to construction at the same day. Since then is contstruction. So outdated data is not likely to be the reason for the fault.
  • [quote]highway=construction shall not be used for routing.[/quote] I agree.
  • Hm, and it seems to do so.


    Fraunhoferstra├če is under construction (see the small circles in the street following quite strictly to southern direction until it ends to Werner Seelenbinder Stra├če just before the target) and not used for route calculation. No idea why it is different at the tunnel ...

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