Issue registering OCX
  • Good afternoon,

    I have been having trouble at several customer sites of late when trying to install the navigator maps and ocx components.

    Key_activation.exe appears to crash on each of the PCs I've tried to install on, be it Windows 7 or Windows 10:


    The keys we purchased are for Navigator 11 (mostly x 5), I realise it shows as a navigator 12 folder in this instance however I've been having the same problem after contacting sales/support who suggested we should use the original navigator 11 disc.

    Because of this the ocx appears to error with 'Licence is hardware dependent' and prevents the maps plugin from loading.

    I have noticed that key_activation.exe has stopped working on each occasion where it has failed which i suspect is why it is showing the licence is hardware dependent issue.

    Is there anything I may try in order to get the key_activation.exe to complete the activation process or is this a known issue?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Ps. this may also explain why the keys were still marked as inactive when calling to have them deactivated after trying and failing to install at these customer sites.
  • do not download maps when when installing from DVD

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