• Hi,
    I have just downloaded NavFree onto my android tablet, in navigation it gives you the option to navigate via coordinates, this gives you long/Lat.
    On my Windows toughbook I had many other coordinate options which included Ordnance Survey Grid Referance, is this option available for my android tablet and if so where can I find it please.
    Many thanks Robert.
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  • This is a Mapfactor Navigator forum and you are asking for NavFree. So you are sure, that you are asking the relevant forum?
  • OS coordinates are not available on Android version at this moment
  • when i am not sutisfied with the results of addressing, 
    i do this "trick" , open on my pc google earth , find the exact spot .. and copy down the coordinates !!! 

    and it works perfect !! 
  • You should better learn to use Mapfactor. It has an internal  Google search and that does exactly what you want on your phone. You don't even have to copy the coordinates. Mapafactor does that for you.

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