Audio directions only on phone's receiver speaker
  • For some reason at some point recently, MFN changed from usind the phone's loadspeaker to using the phone's receiver speaker (no usage of bluetooth). Looking into the advanced settings, the sound channel is set to Media (nothing else is checked). Changing the channel to any other option doesn't make a difference. Uninstalling and reinstalling MFN didn't make a diference either. Other apps have no problems using the loudspeaker (though data has been kept after uninstall). I tried a reset of the preferences as well - with no success. Any idea what I can do so that MFN uses the load speaker again? I am using version 2.2.61 on Android (Sony Xperia Go).
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  • Anyway, can somebody explain, what the various options in the menu "channel for sound" (in German it is "Kanal der Tonausgabe") really mean?
  • To start with some background information to read:

    From the English settings:
    SCO protocol: see wiki link, more extensive than I can explain.
    Notify other applications => seems obvious

    Android can output audio/sound using several options having different sound levels or priorities. for example notifications can sound even when other volumes are off; or vice versa: you don't want to hear notifications when you listen to music.

    • Media: All sound output via the "music" "channel". All media players (should) use this incl. video players
    • notifications: what it mentions. Audio output from SMS, whatsApp, telegram, line, etc.
    • Ring: When someone calls you and the phone rings (or whatever it plays for ringtone)
    • System: Low battery level and that kind of  "sounds"
    • Voice call: When talking to someone on the phone. I do not know ehtehr this is only for a "real"phone voice call, or also for hangouts/skype/whatsapp audi/video call or that they use the meida channel in that case.

    Android has defined these audio channels with their respective use. Of course a developer can be very pigheaded and decide that his media player will play sounds via the "Voice call" channel,
    Or a developer can enable multiple channels up to the users preference if this user wants to direct his/her audio to his bluetooth kit if his/her bluetooth kit only supports voice  or media (for example).

    So in this case you could discuss whether Navigator should output speed limit and camera warnings via the Notification channel and navigation instructions via the media channel, or .. or ... :)

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