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  • I saw in another post that it was possible to speed up the Route Simulation in the Android app.  This was being used to set volume levels against music etc.  Does anyone know how this is done please?  I have downloaded the user manual, but there is no mention of Route Simulation at all.

    Many thanks
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  • Set departure point first and set destination (via search or tap on the map and selecting the relevant point). Go to main menu, there tools, then "Simulate route".
  • Thanks for the reply. I was able to get it to simulate the route, but it more or less travels in real time which takes for ever on a long route. The comment I saw elsewhere on the forum was that someone had set it to simulate at it's 'fastest speed'. I would have thought you could speed it up, otherwise it's not too useful. Any ideas on that?
  • I already answered that

    drag the flashing light, bottom right, to the left
  • Ah! brilliant, thanks Tomas. I wondered what that was for, you get used to seeing add buttons down there. Slid it to the right, and then tapped the bar to increase the speed. Wonder why it's not in the manual? Thanks again.

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