Galaxy S5 reagiert nicht mehr bei Kartenupdate
  • Guten Tag von der Mosel. Ich bin neu hier und habe gleich ein Problem:

    Beim Download größerer Kartenupdates stürzt mein S5 gelegentlich ab so daß ich es nur durch Entfernen des Akkus wieder in Gang bekomme. Das Problem tritt nur beim Download von Mapfactor Daten auf. Das gleiche Problem hatte ich auch schon mit dem S5 Mini.

    Zudem muss ich ggf. Mapfactor deinstallieren weil es danach nicht mehr navigiert.

    Vielen Dank und Gr

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  • Be sure you have enough space on your device when updating maps: clean cache and use app like ccleaner. Not all maps are the size of Malta ;). Partial map of Germany or France = .3 GB / selection
    Have USB loader connected
    Avoid device going to sleep whilst downloading
    Use stable connection, free OSM downloads could have issues with the advertising downloads (2) at a time.
  • I did have the same problem with my S5 mini, not only with Mapfactor but also with OsmAnd. There is more to read about it on the web, not specifically on Navigator but on this S5/S4 behavior.
    It can happen that when the S5/S4 (mini) is switching off the screen but a long running process is active, the screen doesn't come back. The phone itself functions but you don't see anything at all anymore.
    My S5 mini is now on 5.1.1 and I had it only twice.

    But I did not have to uninstall Navigator (or OsmAnd).

  • I had a similar behaviour with Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T810) (Wi-Fi). At the end wouldn't reload battery and died on me. 2 months old, under warranty, Samsung replaced motherboard and battery.
    The OS now updated to 6.0.1. All seems to be fine now.
    I believe this was a heat management issue, back was very hot.

    S5 neo: not seen this problem, also updated to 6.0.1. Have to be honest, this one is more used as phone and as backup device for tablet (gps, ...)

    Updates done online via settings device info (Wi-Fi) when the 6.0.1 did present itself.

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