Lost Tomtom maps
  • (copied the text of my review)

    The app was great while it worked. After a short while however the map
    didn't show any movement anymore.

    Restarted... same problem, restarted phone... same problem. GPS fix was excellent however.
    Since I was quite satisfied uptil then I choose to reinstall the app.

    Unfortunately now I seem to have lost my purchased TomTom maps and am being asked to pay for them again. (this also seems the case when installing on a different unit).

    I guess I'm not the only one who sometimes has to reinstall an app, or even reset the whole phone. Can even happen several times in a row. Normally apps only have to get purchased once, right?
    I will leave a 5 star rating when this gets solved.

    Samsung Xcover3
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  • you need to email, licensing issues cannot be resolved here

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