TTS mistake
  • Reading out the street name "St. Andrews St." the TTS engine (Android version, English) does not distinguish between the first "St." for Saint and the second "St." for Street, so it speaks "Street Andrews Street". The meaning of the abbreviation could be readily detected by its position in the street name.
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  • Actually that was a bad (fictitious) example, at least for the free OSM maps, where abbreviations in names are deprecated, apart from "St" for Saint. All the road names I have been able to find in the free OSM maps follow that rule. The road in question was in fact labelled St Andrews Street.
    So I have just changed the entries for "St" and "st" in tts.xml to "Saint", which in practice works well for me (so far).
    There is a different argument that the renderer in Navigator ought to abbreviate Street to St, for example, in order to conserve space on the map but that would be a different topic.

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