Bad calculation of "fastest" track
  • When I select "fastest" on a comparatively short distance, I am directed to the nearest "Bundesstra├če" (similar to a highway), which means: I go the opposite direction first, then come to that road, drive there in a large circle until I get to the destination. The best thing is: on this route there are 5 (!!) traffic lights, of which one certainly will turn red, when I reach it. The distance is 2 km against (shortest) 800 m (with no traffic lights). Even better than the best ( ;-) ) is the fact that the entire way is within city limits, which means, the maximum possible speed is set to the same on both ways. This alone should, when selecting "fastest", cause the route to be calculated over the shortest distance and not over the "Bundesstra├če".
    Would be nice if this would be corrected.
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  • Please switch on small local roads

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