Feedback on version 2.1.97
  • I really like this app but having used it extensively over the last two months in Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and France I think that I should contribute my feedback.
    There is an annoying lack of consistency in commands; on the approach to a roundabout we have "second exit" and "straight across", " third exit "and" turn left ". At junctions " turn" "bear" and "take ramp" all seem to be used interchangeably. "Bear left"  when that will take you across the oncoming traffic seems to me to be dangerous.
    I am using the Tom Tom maps and the following may be down to the maps rather than the code, several times spurious "left turns" have been ordered for no obvious reason. Today when travelling on a motorway it occurred obviously it was not possible to turn left and cross the central reservation. Once passed the "turn" everything was as if I had made the turn ie no recalculation of the route. This happens mainly in towns where driver data loading is high.
    This is purely personal preference, "Turn left in 200 yards" would for me be much better as "In 200 yards turn left" times without number I have turned immediately to hear "recalculating route" I have turned too early.
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  • About the roundabout, I guess it's because the angle of the exit isn't close enough to 180° or 270° to say "straight across" or "turn left". Can you take and attach a screenshot of the map where it happens?
    On Android, you can usually do it by pressing and holding the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time.

    About you suggestion to change the voice navigation to "In 200 yards turn left", it has been brought several times to the attention of the developer ([1] and [2]).
    But the developer considers that it should follow the most usual way to say it in English, regardless that a) It's less user friendly and b) Most other GPS devices and apps do it the other way.
    But maybe with this one more user opinion, the developer will finally reconsider it. If not, you'll have to use TextToSpeech, even if the quality is often lower. However, TextToSpeech says the name of the street.
  • 1. we used to have exit numbers only, but that was changed (some time ago) on request of users
    2. yes, this was brought up a few times, but has low priority - one day, when we have nothing better to do, we will do it :-)
  • Item 2 above ("in 200 yards, turn left") is my biggest usability complaint. Maybe it depends on the density of the road network where you are whether it is a minor annoyance to be sorted one day or not, or a major hindrance.
  • 1. Yes, and that's a good thing. Maybe the angle difference from 90°
    multiples could be lowered, though I don't know what it is now.
    2. Well, that's great news! It's better to know that it's low priority than not planned at all.

    also the spurious "left turns" problem that Kduffingb mentioned, though
    a screenshot or position on a map would be needed.

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