Play store ïn Curaçao says: This item is not available in your country
  • People, and me, living here can't even find it in the play store when they search for the app. With the link you send me some years ago we can find it but than some people can not install the app because of not suitable for your phone... a Huawei they told me.
    Something wrong with the Play store?? With more apps we get that message "not available in your country" but than I use a VPN to the Netherlands and I can download them all.
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  • try with your phone/tablet using wifi to fixed internet connection (cable or dsl)

    Use browser and try this link:
    If your phone does not have GPS chip it will not list in Googleplay

    MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps:
    you can probably test with GPS Test:

  • The first link opens a Firefox window on my phone wher I can choose for Android version (or Windows version) which opens a new window with the download option.
    The second link now opens the Playstore !
    Why do you want me to do the GPS test? All smartphones nowadays has GPS on board. Your Navigator also has the GPS info posibility onboard.
    Still, when I go to the Playstore and search for Mapfactor navigator Google does not find it. The real problem is that F*cking Google that sucks! Chartcross gpstest I can not buy the Plus version: this item is not available in your country. In Mapfactor I can not buy the Premium options: Failed to connect to your Goegel Play account!  Same message as I get in Tinder. 
    But I have 2 important remarks/questions. I have 2 smartphones and both become very hot when using navigation. Something other people experience too. Especially when the phone is in my car charged also.
    2) I want the screen to turn, so I am always driving from under to above in my screen, when I choose the magnifier function. In that situation a next street to the right is in real also a street to the right! Now I must turn my head upside down if you understand.
  • I assume your phone has a usb port for loading on the upper side of the phone. Therefore you place it upside down in your car charger. If your phone does not support 360 degrees rotate it will stay upside down. That is not navigators fault.

    Try one of the screen rotation apps in in Google Play.
  • You know what your device is, you did not mention a recent phone. I had the issue  with a device,  mapfactor navigator did not show in Googleplay, NO GPS chip.
    @Mars_Curaçao : "Chartcross gpstest I can not buy the Plus version"
    I did not mention gpstest Plus version.
  • @hvdwolf  My phone supports 360 degrees rotate. When I use the magnifier function, and I see myself upside down driving, I can turn my phone 180 degrees, but the screen turns back upside down. Happens on a LG P760 and Acer Liquid Z530 T2 smartphone, both with GPS.

    @Jan_Gruuthuse Both phones has GPS. I need GPS and navigation because off my work. The only reason that I wrote
    "Chartcross gpstest I can not buy the Plus version" and In Mapfactor I can not buy the Premium options: Failed to connect to
    your Goegel Play account!  Same message as I get in Tinder.  is because the Googel problems here in Curacao. Many people in Curacao have those problems, thats why they use alternative app downloading sites.
  • I wonder if you locked screen in Settings/orientation
  • In settings there are on my phone in Dutch:  Navigation, Map, Application, Distancemeter, Other with Advanced.
    I use mapmodus: 2D,  Projectie: Miller Where do I find locked screen? MapFactor Nav version 2.1.97
  • Strange, I have a friend from The Netherlands here with a Samsung tab and she found the Mapfactor Navigator app in de Playstore. I will ask local people with an Android what happens when they search for this app.
  • @Marc_Curacao:  Settings -> Map rotation; first option

    @Tomas: MapFactor specifies in the Play Store in which countries mapfactor can be downloaded from the Play Store. Please let one of the devs check whether "Netherlands Antilles"  is one of those countries. I assume when the "in app purchases" became available the settings were not maintained for "Netherlands Antilles".

    @Marc_Curacao: your country is determined by your google wallet account. You can change that. See
  • Yesterday again with people from The Netherlands on holiday here.
    Searching in de app-store for "mapfactor navigator" had NO result. I
    send him the link by Whatsapp, he found the app in the store but f**king
    Googel says: "this item is not available in your country" .  I give up.

    Officially the "Netherlands Antilles" do not exist anymore
    since 10-10-2010 because Curaçao became an own country like Aruba did
    some years earlier.
  • You can always download the stable 2.1.97 version from here:

  • I think this has to do with compatibility - Google does not consider some devices compatible, even if they are

  • No that's not correct. 
    Google will say that the apk is not compatible with your device (one of your devices if you have multiple).
    When google mentions  "this item is not available in your country", then that is what it is: not available for that country.

    (Like I mentioned above: There are many pages explaining how to fake your country of origin to be able to download apps that are not available for your country. Netflix was for example long not availabel for the Netherlands. Hulu is still not available for the Netherlands.
    And like the hype about pokemon: You had to do all kind of tricks in Europe to get it on your phone because it was simply "not available in your country" in Europe until 2 weeks after release date in the USA. Such a pity I was never able to play it ;) )
  • I will get it checked next week
  • Hello, I guess that the best solution for your problem is to use VPN application and select country server allowed you to install the needed application , the input in the following article may give you idea
  • Before you download the app you have some clearing to do. Open “Settings -> Application -> Application Manager” or “All Applications -> Locate Google Play Store -> Clear Cache -> Force Stop.” ... You will need to activate TunnelBear VPN every time you want to download an app that is not available in your country.
    And hope this helps: 

    How to Download an Android App Not Available in Your Country

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