How are navigation instructions created?
  • I am interested to discover the connection between the tags of highways and the instructions one receives using OSM for navigation.  I experienced a situation yesterday when I was informed to take a slip road before reaching a roundabout; the approach and departure sections merely split (  Is it the tags alone (such as oneway=yes, perhaps, in this case) that dictate how navigation software interprets them?  I should like to know for editing purposes.
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  • Did you have it set to shortest distance?

  • Dave
    I am unsure of the implication of your question.  My car profile is set to Fastest.
  • Ok, Garmins has this same issue as did I a few years ago.
    If you have it set to shortest distance, technically, taking the slip road across to the other slip road than then re-entering is shorter. Not faster, not easier but it is shorter.
    That is why I asked.

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