2nd time roundabout makes Navigator hang
  • This crash is in the 2.2.xy versions.
    Yesterday I was in Rotterdam and had to leave. The first part of the route where Navigator crashed was from to  (as is depicted here): see YOURS
    Due to the rush hour traffic jam I was too far left and I missed the exit (my fault :) ), so I simply decided to make a full turn and take the exit again.
    Due to the multilevel structure of the roundabout, Navigator locked twice to overlaying routes and then completely blocked (leaving me without navigation when I needed it the most).
    See image below.
    I drove a full circle (dark green line) and when driving below the two lanes inside the red circle Navigator completely froze.

    Of course that can happen once, but the exact same thing (and my exact same fault :) ) happened to me last year in Birmingham (UK) on a likewise roundabout. 
    Twice the exact same action, twice the exact same crash: To me that is a reproducible bug, and reproducible over many versions. The only difference is of course that in "normal" countries you drive counter-clockwise on a roundabout and in these "weird" countries (England) your drive clockwise on a roundabout.
    (Unfortunately I do not have a nmea log or gpx log)

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  • I think that the biggest issue is that navigator "locks on" too often to other roads in these kind of situations, and then crashes. When looking at that roundabout I "cross" 13 roads. 
    But maybe I'm completely wrong in my assumption.
  • There is a spot in Birmingham where GPS signal has interference
    believe this was when taking M42 -> M5 up north under Birmingham
    was with ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 (ME173X)

    I'm now always taking M42 -> M6 no toll, above Birmingham
    now with Samsung SM-T810 has dual GPS (US and GLONASS)

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