Downloading Tomtom maps
  • I installed Navigator Free on my Samsung phone and paid for the Tomtom maps for South Africa through my
    installation. I cannot, however, find any way to actually download and install them for use. I have gone into Setup
    and selected Tomtom as the maps to use, but when I try to use them
    I get a message 'There are no maps installed. Do you want to
    download maps now?' When I click on OK it takes me back the
    purchase page and going all the way through to Africa/South Africa
    it shows them as being purchased but there is no way to install

    I am feeling rather let down as I have paid good money and cannot
    get the maps. Please advise.

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  • pleae go to Map manager/download maps
  • I am tired of waiting for the France map update "WHEN WILL IT BE AVAILABLE"!  All your competitors have new maps but you are far to slow to update.  Its a real put off using the system and I am considering using another system because o the slow updates!
  • "I am considering using another system because o the slow updates! "

    Just do it.

    Probably you will come back the other day ;-)
  • I have but i still use mapfactor but it is VERY out of map date here in France, so if you dont live then dont comment.

    I'm still waiting for the latest map update and we are half way through Sept.

    Get your finger out and get the maps updated PLEASE!!

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