Changing MapFactor Splash/Startup Screen
  • Is it at all possible to modify or remove the splash screen for MapFactor? I use MapFactor Navigator Free 16.0.3 on a Windows 10 computer in my car and at night the white splash screen can be very blinding when the program starts up.

    If it's not possible to remove/modify, an optional darker image would be hugely appreciated.
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  • sorry Daniel, but this is not possible
  • Bummer, thanks for the fast reply Tomas - I'll have to find another way around it by overlaying it with something else on startup :(
  • A feature request could be to have two splash screens: a day mode one and a night mode one. The application checks for day or night mode at start up and displays the right splash screen.
    It is checking day/night mode anyway, but now it has to become one of the very first routines.
  • Free is doing that, with night mode = auto.

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