How to share multiple .gpx files
  • I have accumulated a number of recorded .gpx files that I want to export to my PC.  I can tap each .gpx file to use 'Share' from 'Choose action'.  I do not know how to share or export multiple .gpx files.  I can 'Delete All' but not share all.  I am used to executing a long press on one file in other applications with an option that follows of selecting all files.  I cannot find such a facility in MapFactor Navigator Free. 
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  • probably easiest is to copy them, folder  android/data/com.mapfactor.navigator/files/navigator/gpx
  • tomas
    I thank you for your helpful reply.  That is a satisfactory solution using my 'phone's file manager or Windows File Explorer - I curse my blinkered thought processes sometimes!
    To help other users, might I add your path relates to SD card not internal storage, for me, at least?
  • path is the same for internal or external storage

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